The King's College
of Prophets

This program is deeply grounded in
thefive fundamental areas of Theology,
Spiritual Discipline, Prophetic and
Practical Ministry. The college stresses
the importance of balancing
theological truths with the teaching on
spiritual disciplines and supernatural
prophetic gifting to provide a sound
ministry that will set our graduates 
apart as mature ministers of the Word
and Spirit of God. The purpose is to
inspire an Issachar generation who will
be completely sold out for our God.


God has called me to teach and train the present generation of prophetic company who will be sold out for Him. Some of these people will be called by God into the full time ministry, while many will remain as prophetic ambassadors in the community, releasing the Word of the Lord to the people.
The Church was birthed forth in prophecy and must carry a prophetic spirit in her message and mission to the lost. I have been called to trumpet the last call to the Church before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Rev. Dr. Steven Francis
Founder and Principal of The King's College of Prophets
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